Qingdao Zhongfei Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd was invovled in the drone industry since 2010, specializes in the development, design, and production of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle. We have professional R&D technical team, complete and scientific quality management and production system, good after-sales service system with more than ten years of industry experience.

We operate through five business segments, provide solutions to the UAV industry application, UAV plant protection services, UAV automation control system development, UAV technical maintenance support and UAV education.

We offer products in various categories such as Plant protection drone, Security Force drone, Firefighting drone, Surveillance drone, Rescue drone, Patrol drone, Cargo drone and Military drone. We will never stop to commit to the research and development of new products according to the different needs of customers. We are the only manufacturer who can provide 52L and 80L big payload agricultural drones in the market now.

Our operations and services cover many cities in different provinces of China and different countries around the world such as US, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia, Philippines, Ukrain, Turkey, Australia and so on.